Random Acts Of Intimacy (Expanded)

by Sucioperro

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Our debut album


released March 23, 2012

Made in Ayr, Glasgow and Swansea 2005 - 2006.
Re-released 23 March 2012.


David Aird
Gordon Burniston
Stewart Chown
James Crawley
Joe Gibb
Jay Halbert
Michael Logg
Paul McGeechan
Chris McMillan
Lee Milmore
Ben Myers
Richard Myers
Fergus Munro
John Reid
Gethin Woolcock


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Crushing Of The Little People
The crushing of the little people, the insignificant among us
Our hurts light dynamite, led to the ultimate dismissal
Lock us in the background, our big ambitions smothered and incited
We won’t forget this
Before the panic, before ignition, before the beating down of your judgement
Another carnival queen on permanent surrender
With all the pleasure kings on constant attack
Fuck you don’t dare think I’ll take your shit again
Track Name: Wolf Carnival
I’m risking the let go in return for constancy, consoling my freedom with desire
Persuasion arrives, trailing my uncertainties, keeping me awake and restless
And all our upset and all our tears they fall like blame on me, on us
I’m honoured with your faith, only truth and time prevails
Climb down, I’m here averting shadows, discarded between silence and scream
Watch as my patience unravels and while I sleep I’m kicking down
The authority, the transition, trust will bring me home
Belief will give me courage, I know in myself trust will bring me home
Track Name: Grace And Out Of Me
I can twist the fabric of time, it’s like it’s real magic
Reflecting on the words you said, it’s like it’s real
Waiting on a life I could borrow
Tried understanding the apex only I’m fuckin’ over the edge
Do you think you can face it, unbalancing the eventide?
Run, carrying over the broken, they’re in and out and afterwards
Then every someone like a winter with distant visitors upon
Thank you for showing me anything is possible
All the dreams I once lived for were ultimately shallow
Track Name: Random Acts Of Intimacy
Is my life an expression of my love; is my love an extension of my loneliness?
A futile search for innocence to no end
It’s all that I dream of, had all I can take, she fucking haunts me
Kill me now fuck me later
Track Name: Dialog On The 2
Turn back to it, they called it heresy and burned the books and imprisoned
Innocents and buried the truth an argument for attack
I am stupid, I have a basic understanding of nothing
I have a simple way of dealing with problems, and human nature is ever dissolving
We spin around in the unknown future, a constant race with fear of failure
A sense of guilt for all that was taken, sucking away at these beautiful things
Maintain an order of privilege, do they endanger your morals or doubt you?
It’s more significant than numbers, religious standing, eternal apathy still equals inaction
Track Name: I Don't Hate It, I Accept It
Don’t make me lose my temper I hurt myself too much
Deliberately losing with an unfair advantage
Open to suggestion, always misinformed
We don’t fear or worship, hate fake ideals
Hurtful, cynical, loveless space, ungrateful, out of place, softly, quickly
Cynical, loveless, don’t wish for less
Your wandering opinion on everything you loathe moves me to tears every time
I don’t hate it, I accept it, your ignorance equals my disbelief
Ungrateful, hurtful, cynical that cold and loveless space
Tread softly, think quickly, don’t wish for less
Track Name: Tem V Com
If I could I’d leave you here, alone is no disgrace
A love without a name in a cold city
And all that I do wrong I trade in for a song
Knowing that sometimes it’s compassion not pity
But the words break my back
All the sinners’ sing along, let the devil take us home, we’re sorry
It’s just another one lost to emotions, I’m sorry
For every false attack I promise to come back with answers not just excuses
My expense in return, I paid to watch you burn
But I truly loved you, I truly loved you
Track Name: Apathy=Inaction
A list of all the problems that I can’t deal, you can’t sleep for worries and I don’t want to feel
You never cared about me, you can’t take care of yourself
This is not about me, this is about the world
It’s all your careless choices, your fuckin’ constant derision, suspicions lead you here
Our love a distant echo, dark and slow and distant, forever leading me back to you
Please embrace this and give love and give time to others
Track Name: List Of What Needs Said
I don’t feel it, your so-called confession, that taste of simple truth has bled you dry
A heart to trade-off, a love repressed, yes all your lies add up to regression
There are so many things I need to say to you, it never was easy
Throw it all back and I’ll tear it all down in front of you
But you will never understand what I went through for this
All the twists and turns have left me silent, my constant decadence hanging over
Always making promises I’m destined to destroy
But I’ll try to love again without fighting to know you
With honestly needing and always forgiving
Track Name: The Drop
I left outwith the severance, imagined myself (on a daily basis)
To be sorry for everything I said (visceral not taking)
Yeah the days fall slow like summer rain, hell I don’t feel without this pushing
Breaking ever I’m just trying to return, time distills all negative memories
We tried to reach back to you but you were running out the opposite way
Transcending our illusions, the energy, with controlled chaotic direction so inviting
Track Name: The Final Confessions Of Mabel Stark
Your tenderness made me cry when I never thought I could
I’m hiding from those feelings, the ones that made me grieve
Boredom in my life, you don’t know what I need
You don’t let me break, you don’t let me
Help me I feel sick, I live torn apart, drown my saviour and break my heart
Your wickedness made me smile when I never thought I could
I’m hiding from those secrets, the ones that turn me on
I am close to my enemies and far from my friends
Where the water meets the land, sink in further to the shore
I’ve been going round in circles and I can’t do that any more
Track Name: Dead Leaf Echo
Like a constant dead leaf echo your violation, that serial disobedience inert
Impatience withered your failing energy virtually circling ascension
But the other twist of fate is non-returnable to light through time to light
Fall, submit, repeat and get over it, safe, walk away without failing
Witness to nothing, believe in everyone then pull it apart
Connecting nothing believe in everything
Ever turning dissolving creations, underground secret religions
Movements, we’ll kill the thieves, I’m sick of passive bleak indifference
Confront your enemies, this is where the truth is
From this echo one million devotions
Track Name: The Altruist
16 days have passed for the altruist, set back, held back by the killer inside
He lives in his mind, the deviant side, she switches channels, we never sleep
Impatience consumes the voices, we are hungry and we are sore, we are sore
I’m still so fuckin’ angry with what was said and I hurt so bad inside
Eternally troubled by insignificant fears, I want my life back, I want my hope back
Those vacant promises and idiotic gestures, so why are we all so mistrusted, I’m on your side
You fire only on viciousness, my devious little devil, sweetheart of a friend
She let me rest my head, we held hands like innocents as we recalled all our wasted time
Our twisted existence bitchin’ about you, bitchin’
So now someone new comes into your waiting arms
One more in a line of desperate and confused
Without protection and looking for a place to call home, I’m on your side
Track Name: Conversation With A Wasp
I’ve been close to living since I last loved you, now I wander around aimlessly
Kill to make me happy, how could I make you, when the road home seems so much faster?
Now you’re gone, I’m stuck in thoughts, take them away from me please
Leave me all suspense, insisting on impossible charades
“See you sometime next week,” she said, but I can never wait
Impatiently trying to recover from my mistakes
Trying to calm my restlessness and destroying love in turn, surrendering and close to nothing
And I am home when I am far away from this, fuck you fucking me
Track Name: The Ruins
“Why can’t I be with you?” the words that echoed through my doubts
Promised you no tears growing up together before burning our safe house down
Was I blinded by comfort or slowly tempted by the kill?
I was trying to reach you but maybe I never will
Do we live in the ruins forever twisting all the good times?
It’s strange how in silence so many memories spin around endlessly
Cover my eyes I’ve witnessed too many, too many bad things
I’m waiting for distance and I have hope in all that the future brings
What happened to you unable to turn I’m torn between thoughts of staying with you
Unable to turn I’m torn between thoughts of staying with you or starting again

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